Old San Juan

The Heart of Puerto Rico

A popular vacation destination with history and heart, San Juan commands a healthy recreation, dining, and entertainment scene.

The real estate market is thriving, with buyers and renters choosing from a diverse mix of single and multi-family homes, apartments, condos, and seasonal housing. Architecture is more varied in this city than any other town on the island, with formal colonial structures standing alongside facades heavily influenced by the art deco movement. City lovers are drawn to the vibrant nightlife in San Juan, from hole-in-the-wall bars and favorite pubs to nightclubs and luxury resorts. The city welcomes travelers from all over the world each year, making it a thriving hub of cultural diversity and tourism. People flock to the area for its secluded beaches, cultural institutions, and rich blend of old-world elegance and modern amenities.

The city center is a charming mix of opposites. Old San Juan transports visitors back to colonial times with cobblestone single-lane streets, brightly colored homes, and centuries-old forts. Museums and historic plazas give way to new pockets of luxurious hotels, bustling shopping strips, and sizzling nightlife hotspots. Foodies will find themselves overwhelmed by the broad range of eateries and restaurants dotting the landscape. Always expanding, San Juan welcomes new development and businesses to the area each year. The recent restoration efforts have spurred an influx of new residents looking to experience the charm and charisma of Puerto Rico’s cultural center.

A paradise at its core, San Juan has plenty of landmarks and recreation to explore. Nearby beaches serve as the backdrop to activities like swimming, snorkeling, boating, and kite flying. Live music venues beckon guests to enjoy dancing and drinks, while nature trails give active guests a place to hike and marvel at wildlife. Ancient forts like El Morro and the Castillo San Cristóbal are go-to destinations, but you don’t have to look far for history in San Juan. Simply walk along the busy roads and quiet side streets to see history come alive right before your eyes.

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