The Pearl of the South

Culture meets family-friendly fun in Ponce.

Ponce is known for its notable, Neoclassical Colonial architecture and classic elegance. The real estate market is a blend of single family dwellings, apartment complexes, and condos. Its colonial core is well cared for, a nod to the cherished history of the region. Plazas and old churches share the street with magnificent colonial buildings and decorative fountains. The community has worked hard over the past decade to revive many of its residential districts and the main town center, drawing new people to the area each year. Thoughtful restorations of colorful houses and a string of murals from local artists give Ponce a unique vibe.

Known affectionately as the pearl of the south, Ponce has a robust commercial scene. Quaint boutiques and cozy hotels dot the landscape. Busy restaurants and museums line picturesque plazas. Beaches offer residents a place to swim, boat, and picnic, while public parks offer a place to relax and play. La Guancha, a popular boardwalk in town, is a go-to destination for families looking to for an evening stroll or jog.

There are plenty of places to explore and learn about the history of Puerto Rico. The Museum of Puerto Rican Music traces the island’s unique musical history, highlighting old instruments and famous artists. The Ponce Museum of Art contains one of the most elaborate art collections in the Caribbean. The Parque de Bombas, a fire station turned into a popular museum, hosts exhibits, and live concerts.

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