The City of Mangoes

Mayagüez is a lively town with plenty of places to eat, shop, and explore.

Mayagüez runs along the west coast of Puerto Rico. The real estate market comprises single-family dwellings, apartments, condos, and seasonal housing. A center for tourism, historic hotels, and amenity-rich resorts dot the landscape. With easy access to shopping strips and plenty of family-friendly entertainment, Mayagüez is a city on the rise. People flock to the area for its robust recreation scene and bustling commercial districts.

There’s plenty of entertainment and sightseeing in Mayagüez for locals and visitors alike. The Plaza Colon, a tribute to Christopher Columbus, lies at the center of the city. This town square is a significant cultural center in Mayagüez, with many of the town’s events and festivals taking place on the grounds. A walkable central district features family-owned restaurants, chain stores, a shopping mall, and a casino. The region boasts a booming business center, making it a go-to destination for industry in Puerto Rico. Mayagüez is also known for its many contributions to Puerto Rican gastronomy. The city houses one of the largest groves of mango trees on the island.

The terrain is diverse in Mayagüez, with river valleys and marshlands feeding into vast plains and scenic mountains. The Tropical Agricultural Research Station introduces guests to a broad range of native plants and trees. The Mayagüez Zoo, the only of its kind on the island, boasts a bird sanctuary, a butterfly house, and plenty of animal exhibits. While there are no places to swim in town, public beaches are just a short drive away.

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